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KHS Boys' Basketball Print E-mail

Kubs drop Indians 61-38    


     The Kubs took on the undefeated Prairie Pirates last Friday, playing a tough first half; but it wasn’t enough to shake Prairie’s Rhett Schlader and Jake Bruner who dominated the game with 44 points between them. 

Kamiah’s Parker Whipple inches out Indian Morgan Neely to take the tip off, a sign of things to come at Friday’s game against Nezperce. Janene Engle/Progress

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CVHS Boys' Basketball Print E-mail

Rams drop two

   Potlatch managed its first Whitepine League win against the Rams Saturday night, pulling off a slim lead with a comeback in the fourth quarter. CV’s Kamm Mangun was the high scorer with nine points and Tyler Palmer backed him up with eight. Despite the Rams' best efforts, they were defeated 42-38.

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KHS Girls' Basketball Print E-mail

Lady Kubs still looking for win

     With only one more game to play in the season, the Lady Kubs are still looking for at least one win to their credit. Prairie blew past them last Saturday with a final score of 61-5, but Nezperce had some serious competition on Monday, proving to be an edge of your seat contest all the way.

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CVHS Girls' Basketball Print E-mail

Senior Lady Rams bid a tearful farewell   

     It’s been a rewarding year for the Lady Rams. With 13 overall wins under their belts and only six losses, it looks like the playoffs are in their future. They are hoping for a third-place finish in the WPL.

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Letter to Kamiah School District parents Print E-mail

Parents' guide to understanding ICU

By KMS/KHS Principal Roberts

     By now, you have most likely heard from your student(s) attending Kamiah Middle and or High School that a new program has been implemented to assist them in their effort to stay caught up on their coursework. As a parent, you might find yourself wanting to know more, and you might also want to know how to talk to your students(s) about the new changes being made. Below is a quick guide that will help you and your student(s) navigate the new expectations:

     1) Check PowerSchool every day if possible. If you don’t have your student’s PowerSchool login information, please contact the school secretary, Terry Law at the high school at 935-4067, or Lydia Bremer at the middle school at 935-4040. Speak with your student about any missing work that you find, and let them know that they need to get it turned in as soon as possible.

     2) Don’t be afraid of communicate with teachers through phone or email. When a student misses an assignment, you will be receiving a call from their teacher advisor. Take that opportunity to discuss additional options in helping your student stay caught up. The teachers and staff members are here to help your student in any way possible, so please use them as a resource when needed.

     3) Realize that this isn’t about punishment or detentions. All individuals involved with Kamiah Public Schools have no desire to make learning an unpleasant experience. Students with missing work aren’t in trouble, they just need extra time to get caught up. We will provide them with as much extra time as they need, but we are bound by a traditional school day, so our options are before and after school as well as lunch. Your student is welcome to attend any before and/or after school option as needed, but the lunch session will be mandatory until their work is turned in.

     4) Be proactive about student absences. If you know that your student is going to be out of school, please contact their teachers ahead of time, and let them know that your student is going to be absent. When a student misses school, they miss time with their classroom teacher. They will need to be prepared to spend at least one lunch period with their teachers to get caught up upon their return to school. We are completely committed to helping our students catch up after an absence.


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