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Fenn Pond

     Last month’s Oct. 17 edition highlighted work the Forest Service and its contractors are accomplishing at Fenn Pond with a great picture on the front page. The dredging is now finished and water is beginning to refill the pond. This is just the first of several phases of work to be accomplished there.

     The next phase is designed to address public safety and provide accessible fishing facilities at Fenn Pond. To assist with completion of this next phase, the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests are applying for approximately $150,000 of grant funding from the State of Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) grant program. The grant proposal includes funding to replace the Fenn Pond Boardwalk and fishing piers and provide accessible fishing facilities.

     The IDPR grant process requires grant applicants to demonstrate support for grant proposals. If Fenn Pond is a special place to you, please consider writing a letter of support for the project that the Forest Service can include in the grant proposal to be submitted to IDPR.

     Address letters to U.S. Forest Service, Recreation Manager, 502 Lowry St., Kooskia, ID 83539.  If you have questions about the project please contact Heather Berg at the Kooskia Ranger Station or 926-4274.

Heather Berg

Recreation Manager

Lochsa/Powell and Moose Creek Ranger Districts

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Thanksgiving: So much to be thankful for

By Bryan Golden

     Thanksgiving is much more than a big meal with family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on, and be thankful for, all of the good things you have. Even with all of the uncertainty and turmoil in the world, you have so much to be thankful for. It’s important to be grateful, not just on Thanksgiving, but each and every day. Rather than lamenting what you feel is lacking in your life, begin each new day by developing an attitude of gratitude. Take inventory of your blessings and you will be surprised at just how much you have to be thankful for.

     If you have enough to eat, a place to live, a way to get around, people who care about you, or people you care about, then you are wealthy. If you lack any of these elements, you must still be grateful for what you do have, while striving to obtain whatever is absent.

     Focus on all positive aspects of your life. Take nothing for granted. Every morning, recharge your appreciation. Be happy for everything there is, not upset over what you feel is missing.

     Dreams of the future shouldn’t diminish appreciation for the present. If all you do is concentrate on what you want, you won’t enjoy today. Don’t be jealous of others; what they do or have has no bearing on you.

     You can feel bitter or resentful for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you feel something is missing from your life, things aren’t going your way, or you have been treated unfairly. You may wonder, “Why do these things always happen to me?”

     Life’s problems tend to dominate your thoughts, turning your focus to what you feel is wrong. You may start to resent those who appear to be better off. You’re apt to dwell on things you think would make your life better if you had them.  If only you had more money, more time, a bigger house, a different car, a different job, a different boss, had picked a different career, etc.

     Once your attitude becomes one of deficiency instead of abundance and appreciation, you can become overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and feel like a victim. As this happens, a consuming vicious cycle starts.

     Being bitter or resentful blows situations out of proportion. People who are bitter frequently find that their situations deteriorate and their mental and physical health decays.

     It’s difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals while you are bitter or resentful. Regardless of what challenges might befall you, bitterness makes finding solutions much more elusive.

     There is no point to feeling bitter since it accomplishes nothing, harms you and makes things worse. Filling yourself with gratitude on a daily basis makes you feel good, while driving out negative feelings.

     Begin your practice of gratitude each morning as soon as you wake. Every day is a great day. If you have any doubts, try missing one. Take inventory of everything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that is good in your life.

     If it helps, make a written list of all things you are grateful for. Read your list every day. As you do this, you will build and reinforce your attitude of gratitude. Don’t waste any time with what you feel you don’t have.

     Keep things in perspective. Consider all the people who have overcome difficulties far worse than yours. Don’t be consumed by your problems, there is always a solution. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows your mind to devise a resolution for your circumstances.

     Make everyday a day of Thanksgiving and you will be amazed how much better your life will become.

     Bryan is the author of Dare to Live Without Limits.

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Written by Angela Broncheau   


     Sincere condolences to the families of Wendell L. Davis. Wendell completed his final journey with his family members by his side, Thursday, Nov. 13 at the Prestige Care Center in Lewiston. Wendell was well known for his concern and support for our youth; our community. Wendell was a true to friend to many and will be dearly missed. Prayers of comfort for his sisters, Sandra and Virgil Holt of Lapwai and Marci and Henry Bailey of Kamiah; his aunt Caron Spencer; his daughter Frances Walker of Lapwai; and son Winfred Chico Davis of Oklahoma.

     The “Great American Smokeout” will be Nov. 20. Pledge forms available at Lapwai NMPH and the Kamiah Students for Success office. Incentives will be given to the smoker (aka future non-smoker), and will be entered in a drawing if smoker quits longer than one day. This event is sponsored by Nez Perce Tobacco Prevention Coalition, Nimiipuu Community Health, Students for Success and State of Idaho Tobacco.

     Good season Kamiah Kub football; I am proud of all the players and coaches! Now it’s time to fill the gymnasium to support our Kubs and Lady Kubs basketball season! Take it to the hoop Kubs! Whooo!

     The 2014 Fall Bazaar will be Saturday, Nov. 29 at the Wa-a’yas Community Building from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. If you are interested in being a vendor at the Fall Bazaar contact Sandra Islas at 935-2525 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Join us for a free event featuring products from your local community members.

     Everyone is welcome to attend the Thanksgiving services at Northfork Indian Presbyterian Church in Ahsahka Sunday, Nov. 23. Thanksgiving potluck dinner will begin at noon followed by worship/praise service at 2 p.m.

     Birthday blessings to Alice Spaulding, John Strombeck, Sam Hudson, my beloved sister Marilyn Bowen, and my beloved dear granddaughter Channel Broncheau.

Yox Kalo^ (That’s all!)

Wolf Problems? Print E-mail

The following list of numbers is offered for anyone who experiences problems with wolves. 


Suspected Livestock Predation

Call USDA Wildlife Services, 1-866-487-3297 or contact Justin Mann, local Wildlife Specialist at 208-869-3297. Personnel will be dispatched to investigate.


Frequent Wolf Sightings

Contact the Nez Perce Tribe, Curt Mack at 208-634-1060. They will gather and record information, then provide advice.


Report Sighting of a Wolf

Go to Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game website to fill out a wolf report form: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/


Health and Human Safety Concerns

A wolf may be killed if life and human safety is at risk. Contact Idaho Fish & Game at 208-799-5010 or call Nez Perce Tribe at 208-634-1061 or 911 Sheriff dispatch. All wolf kills will be investigated.


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