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News For The Week of October 30, 2014
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Nuxoll, Drews going for Senate

     Republican incumbent Sheryl Nuxoll faces Democrat challenger Casey Drews for the Legislative District 7 State Senate seat. Drews did not respond to a Progress inquiry.

Name: Sheryl L. Nuxoll

Age: 63

Education: Gonzaga University, Business Degree, Magna Cum Laude, 1973

Family: Husband Felix. My Father was Edward Hoene. My Mother was Philomena Frei. Children are Rachel, Yvonne, Reuben, Bridget, Mary, Derek. All of us are native to Cottonwood, Ferdinand, and Greencreek.

Residence: Cottonwood

Occupation: Farm/ranch co-manager for 39 years, State Senator for four years

Experience/Qualifications: Business degree from Gonzaga University in 1973, holding a CPA license until 1988; working for CPA firms for two years after college; co-managing a successful farm/ranch with my husband, Felix, for 39 years, including bookkeeping and tax consulting; part-time high school teacher from 2008-2010; Idaho County Republican Central Committee precinct committee woman from 2008-2012; State Senator from 2010-2014

Political Party: Republican

     I heard about a lady that lost her country two times. This woman fled Russia when very young during the Bolshevik revolution, barely escaping with her life. She fled to Cuba and became successful there, only to lose that country when Castro took over. By this time, she was middle-aged. She fled to the U.S. where she had become confident in her work and life. Now elderly, whenever she told her story, people approached her with compassion saying, “Oh, I feel so sorry for you.” She always replied, “No, I feel sorry for you because I had a country to flee to, but, you Americans have no country to flee to!”

     Our country is still the greatest yet and we need to keep it that way. Yes, there is much evil around us, but there is hope in our state.

     1. Dredge miners are defying the EPA. They have united and will be a big key to using our mineral resources. They have had peaceful protests and working to change the law. They are courageous and educated.

     2. Construction companies are peacefully organizing to fight the corruption within the state transportation system. Their names are on the line as some went public with their statement over LHTAC.

     3. The state has had three committee meetings in Kamiah, St. Maries, and Sandpoint over transferring federal lands back to the state. I am on that committee and I am so proud of the citizens in our district. When they testified, they were courteous, educated, researched, and common-sensed. Overwhelmingly, all three meetings were in favor of the state controlling the lands, preferably with ownership.

     4. Parents have been organizing to regain control of their children’s education in the public schools. Many parents have started homeschooling because of opposition to common core.

     “Less government, more opportunity” is my motto. This motto is my guiding principle for applying just and moral laws. We need less government involvement. When President Reagan heard comments like, “What can the government do about this?” he replied, “Government has already done too much!”

     By applying this principle of less government, more opportunity, I will continue to defend and protect religious freedom, private property rights, the right to bear arms, marriage and unborn children, and maintain a balanced budget.

     The state exchange needs to be repealed, entitlements can be reduced, common core educational standards must be replaced with local control, and health insurance should become private and local. We must rid ourselves of financial dependence on the federal government.

     Let us rebuild our culture, our laws, and defend our constitutional and individual rights by keeping in mind our Judeo Christian tradition.

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Looking for a Community Property Agreement Form? Click here to download a legal size pdf form or visit our Contacts and Rates Page.

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Progress offering online subscriptions

     The Clearwater Progress is pleased to offer a new choice in reading the local news. The Progress is now offering online newspaper subscriptions.

     So if you live in Tahiti or Texas and want to keep up on the news of the Clearwater Valley, it’s only a couple clicks away. 

     For the past six months the Progress has been looking at ways to provide better service to subscribers who live outside our immediate area. A number of readers have expressed a desire to receive the paper faster than what the Postal Service can provide.

     The new online subscription option is the solution to those requests. In brief, the entire newspaper—just as it appears in the print version—will be viewable online for those who purchase an online subscription. Well, there will be one noticeable difference. Subscribers to the online paper won’t have to wash any ink off their fingers.

     Online subscriptions include access to optimized pdf files of The Clearwater Progress print version, posted on our website www.clearwaterprogress.com that can be enlarged to the size that fits the reader’s eyesight.

     The online version of the paper will be viewable on Thursday morning, just as the print version is provided to local postal boxes on Thursday. In fact, thanks to the marvel of technology, online viewers, depending on when they log in, may be able to read the week’s news before all of the local papers hit mailboxes.

     Subscribers to this new service will have full access to our entire website. They will be able to scroll through the paper page by page online, viewing all the news as well as the advertisements. Online subscribers will access our website via a secure password. We will also be archiving our pages so if subscribers miss an article they can always go back and find it.

     Non-subscribers will have limited access to postings on our website, such as our real estate guide, Service Directory, Business Profile and brief news postings.

     Instead of repackaging the paper in some form on the website, which can be difficult for readers to find their way around and tends to be less effective for advertising, we feel it is most beneficial for readers and advertisers to post the digital newspaper pages on our website in sequential order.

     This method gives added value to advertisers because their ad remains right next to the news copy for people to see, instead of being lost in a sea of website tab options.

     Anyone is welcome to subscribe to this service. We recognize that some people prefer to read news on a computer just as some love doing so in their favorite chair in the living room, the kitchen table, or the bathroom.

     In addition to either online and print subscription options, readers may also choose to have both.

     Those who have purchased subscriptions to our print edition will continue to receive the paper until it expires. If they wish to renew the paper version, they can do so. Or, readers may choose to purchase an online subscription instead.

     Online subscription rates are $16 for six months and $27 for one year. For more information, click on Online Subscription Plans on the left side of the screen.

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