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News For The Week of May 5, 2016
Mill to be sold off piecemeal Print E-mail

IFG purchasing Blue North Mill

     Employees at Blue North Mill at Kamiah received notice earlier this week that the mill had been sold to Idaho Forest Group and will be shut down and dismantled.

     Shannon Fuchs, plant manager for IFG's Grangeville facility, did confirm that IFG is in the process of purchasing Blue North based on due diligence. That process is likely to be completed by mid-May.

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Students learn about tribal ancestory Print E-mail
Written by Janene Engle, The Clearwater Progress   

A lesson of the Heart

     How often have we all driven by the large lump covered in grass that looms mysteriously next to the road between Kamiah and Kooskia and wondered what on earth it really is? Unless you are a Nez Perce Indian or related to one, you may never have heard the story behind the lump.5-5-16-heart-of-the-monster

     Over the years, many legends and stories have taken shape about that little mound of earth, known to Nez Perce Tribal members as the Heart of the Monster, but they all have the same basic theme.

     Mary Jane Miles, 76, of Kooskia recalled her version of the story at a joint cultural event held last Friday at the Heart of the Monster to an audience of about 500 local school children.

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Race for Commissioner Print E-mail

Idaho County District 3 Commissioner incumbent Chmelik challenged by Duman

Jim Chmelik

Age: 56

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: B.S. Finance/Economics

Family: Married for 27 years to wife Colleen, eight children

Residence: Cottonwood

Occupation: Business owner/custom cabinet shop

Experience/Qualifications: Educated in the public lands and all aspects of county, state and federal government

Previous or current election positions: Current County Commissioner running for reelection

Web or social media site: NA

     “I have been in five elections and in every one I have made the promises to battle for better management of our natural resources, keeping your taxes low, fighting the growth of county government and providing policies that enhance economic development within the county.

     “As your current sitting Commissioner from District III I have kept these promises. Our actions have saved the county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and continuing to support the development of the
county airport is leading to a net positive return to the county of over
$100,000 annually and more private individuals are looking at expanding
operations at the county airport.

     “The public lands debate has become a central issue for many counties across our state and not only within the halls of our state capitol but the entire West. Many of our Eastern sister states are now also championing the cause.

     “As your County Commissioner I have led a battle against a radical
environmental industry determined to systematically destroy our rural way of life and am proud to be playing my part leading this battle with many others across the West.

     “I have been instrumental in getting resolutions passed at the county, state, and national levels in demanding better management of our public
lands. These efforts have led to serving on the Public Lands Committees of the Idaho Association of Counties, The National Association of Counties and Western Interstate Region of Counties. Because of your support we are making a difference.

     “The county now has a Natural Resource Plan, which is currently out for public comment and we look to have it finalized by June 30, 2016. This
will allow us more county input at the table in negotiating with the
federal agencies.

     “As your commissioner I have worked in assisting to develop a complete solid waste system for the entire county. Working cooperatively with our current vendor they have negotiated a plan to pay the recyclers for the refuse they are removing from the waste stream and the county has been able to keep garbage rates at the rates when I became commissioner.

     “Idaho County is a great place to live and raise our families. It has been a pleasure to serve as your County Commissioner and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue the work for a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren.”


Denis Duman

Age: 57

Education: Prairie High School grad

Family: Wife Terri of 37 years, three grown sons

Residence: Cottonwood

Occupation: Electrician

Experience/Qualifications: Business owner 30 years

Previous or current elected positions: Cottonwood City Councilman eight years; Cottonwood Mayor ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­16 years

Web or social media site: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

     “Experience has shown me that when you work together with people, whether they are constituents or other agencies within your jurisdiction, things get done much easier and more quickly. That doesn’t mean you fold to every whim that may come along, it means you establish a rapport with and earn the respect of those you come in contact with so when a situation arises, you stand a much better chance of resolving it. It also means you listen to and treat people with respect rather than disdain.

     “I also feel that the County deserves the full attention of its Commissioner in the conduct of the County’s business and State and Federal issues should be left to those jurisdictions.  That doesn’t mean the County doesn’t have a position on a particular issue like SRS or PILT or Travel Plans or Land Swaps, it means you do what you can to affect those issues for a positive outcome while keeping in plain view where your jurisdiction ends.

     “I also know from my City experience that a candidate running for election does not have access to specific information associated with every issue and is, therefore, ill advised to form specific opinions on various topics. Generally, most people want to know my opinion on the Lochsa Land Swap and Solid Waste issues that the County is currently facing.  Starting with the Land Swap, the County isn’t even a party to this agreement. The County needs to do what it can to preserve its tax base but supporting a swap that involves trading off prime recreational front country is not something I support nor do I feel the County should support it. In relation to Solid Waste, there are no quick, easy answers to this issue and, as I said, there is much information I don’t have access to so a complex analysis is not possible at this time.  I think it is safe to say that no matter what the proposal, someone is likely to be unhappy and there is no single solution that will please everyone.  Incidentally, I have served on the County’s’ “task force” on both issues and in both cases, the Task Force recommendations were ignored. So, no more “task forces.””

Students learn valuable skills Print E-mail

Swim lessons and water safety for CVES students

     On April 27, Clearwater Valley Elementary 2nd and 3rd graders were given the opportunity to travel to the Asotin County Aquatic Center for water safety training and swimming lessons.


     A grant through the Idaho Tourism - Wild River License Plates Fund allowed 63 CVE students who live near our beautiful rivers but might not have swimming and water safety knowledge an opportunity to learn valuable life-saving skills.

Taya Pfefferkorn, Megan Myers, and Emmalyn Boller. Contributed photo

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Community property agreement form Print E-mail

Looking for a Community Property Agreement Form? Click here to download a legal size pdf form or visit our Contacts and Rates Page.

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